Wednesday, July 2, 2014

UK Health Radio Medical News Update Cutting Down On Sugar

UK Health Radio Medical News Update

Cutting Down On Sugar

People need to cut down on the added sugar they eat and drink to help them stop getting overweight. This is especially true for children and teenagers.

One can of fizzy drink has almost more sugar than we should have in a whole day.

People think that sugared drinks and energy drinks make you run faster or get you through a day without getting tired. This is not true.

In PSHE we have learnt that if you have these types of drinks you will have a sugar rush but then your sugar level will drop down and you will be more tired than before you took the drink.

Sugar is hidden in the things we eat and drink and we don’t usually know it is there. Even burgers and chips from fast food places have sugar that you can‘t even taste.

My Grandad and 2 great uncles have diabetes. This is probably because they had too much sugary food when they were little. Now they can’t have much sugar at all because it will make them poorly.

To be healthier ,children should swap sugary drinks for water, milkshake or smoothies. Sugary snacks should be swapped for fruit and dinners should be freshly made for them instead of having ready meals.

 Gracie Timms for UK Health Radio Medical News Update
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