Saturday, December 27, 2014

UK Health Radio - Medical News Update on the Hour - Gracie on Bullying

UK Health Radio - Medical News Update on the Hour


Bullying often starts when people pick on something about you that's different. It could be how big you are, the colour of your skin, or how you're doing at school.

There are 4 types of bulling including : Physical bullying, verbal abuse, social bullying and cyber bullying.

Walk away or stay in a group. You're less likely to be bullied when there are other people around. Bullies don't like witnesses.

Tell someone you trust, like a parent, teacher or friend. You will feel better and you can think of ways to beat the bully together.

Also, keep a diary of what kind of bullying is happening and when it is happening. This can be used as evidence when you tell someone.

Don't show you're angry or sad. If you don't care, the bully can't get to you. Don't be scared to tell somebody about what you're going through.

The government have made every school have an Anti-Bullying Policy.

Schemes include anti-bullying clubs and sessions where older pupils give tips on how to cope.

PSHE are taught in most schools and can give you ideas on how to help you cope and beat the bully.
Gracie Timms
UK Health Radio - Medical News Update on the Hour
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