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UK Health Radio - Medical News Update on the Hour - Gracie on Puberty in Girls

UK Health Radio - Medical News Update on the Hour

Puberty - Girls

Puberty is when a girl grows up into a young woman. Every girl goes through it. 

People say you start changing when you’re 10, but it happens to some girls earlier than this and to others a bit later. The most usual age is between 8-13. Your body starts when it’s ready.

Don't worry if you put on a bit of weight, as your body needs it as an energy store before it can cope with the changes. It’s not bad for you.

You might be the same age as your friend, but it doesn't mean that you'll grow at the same time. Everybody starts at different times.

Here's a list of growing up changes in the order they normally happen. It doesn't matter if the order is different to you.

You'll get taller, broader and heavier, Your boobs start to grow bigger, Your face gets longer, Your pubic hair starts to grow, Hair grows under your arms, You sweat more, skin and hair get greasier, your sex organs develop and then your periods start.

It can take up to 3 1/2 years from the very first changes of puberty to starting your periods.

Some girls get an ache in their tummy at the start of a period. Doing exercise often helps. If the pain is too bad then you could try a hot water bottle.

Gracie Timms
UK Health Radio - Medical News Update on the Hour
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