Thursday, December 20, 2012

Homeopathy and Multiple Sclerosis

Homeopathy and Multiple Sclerosis

One of our listeners has been in touch to say that her daughter has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  The family are very keen to tackle this with homeopathy and have contacted us to ask for any reading or research they might do.

For them and anyone else who is interested - some links below.   The last may be particularly interesting as it is the case study of a young woman who had just had a baby, in whom the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was made.

We wish our listener and her family well and we will always do what we can to answer listeners enquiries.

Amanda Thomas
UK Health Radio

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lady with mental health issues condemned to sleep rough in Royal County

A personal reflection by John Hicks, Station Director of UK Health Radio

Tonight, as temperatures drop to minus 4 degrees in Bracknell, a middle-aged lady with mental health issues is sleeping rough on the streets.

The local Council, Bracknell Forest Council, has taken her children into care as she is not able, in their view, to look after them properly. Her minor alcohol problems, often associated with Borderline Personality Disorder from which she suffers, are being addressed with help but she has financial problems which resulted in her eviction from her privately-rented home earlier today.

The Council feel that they have offered her enough help in the past and cannot offer her temporary shelter.

So, one of the residents of The Royal County of Berkshire - yes a County of the United Kingdom which proudly bears the prestigious title and honour of being called "Royal County" - is condemned to suffer freezing cold.

Whatever rules are being applied in this case I worry that the word "compassion" did not feature.

The lady, a listener of UK Health Radio, came to us for advice about her BPD which was diagnosed but untreated for many years. I, for one, will not be sleeping too well in my warm and comfy bed tonight!

My prayers will be with her.