Saturday, October 18, 2014

Uk Health Radio Medical News Update on the Hour - Gracie on Chest Infections

Uk Health Radio Medical News Update on the Hour

Chest Infections

Chest infections are common, especially after you have been poorly in the winter and autumn. Some can be mild and get better on their own but some can be bad or even life threatening. The main symptoms of chest infections are:
Constant coughing
Coughing up mucus
Chest pain and a
High temperature.
 The other things you can get are a headache, tiredness, sweating, not being very hungry or having muscle pain. A chest infection is caused by a infection of the lungs or airways. Certain people can get chest infections really badly such as:
babies, young children, people who are overweight, the elderly, pregnant women, smokers and people who have weak immune systems.

Here are some ways which you can avoid getting a chest infection:
hygiene - for example sneeze in a tissue or cover your mouth when you cough and wash your hands regularly and  if you are offered a flu vaccination, take it. Adults who smoke should stop.

 The only way to treat bad chest infections is by going to the doctors and getting antibiotics.
I had a chest infection when I was just 2 weeks old and my parents had to give me Amoxicillin antibiotics to get rid of it. This worked and I soon recovered.
Gracie Timms
Uk Health Radio Medical News Update on the Hour
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