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The BBC has reported that from December 2015, Wales will be the first UK nation to introduce a system where people will be presumed to have agreed for their organs to be donated.
And to get the message across viewers of Coronation Street and Welsh soap Pobol y Cwm will be the first to see public information films explaining the change in Wales' organ donor rules next year. The adverts are to be broadcast during Monday evening's episodes of the soaps and will be on radio, television and social media in the run up to national transplant week, from 7-13 July.
A mother, a young boy, a lady in her 50s and a young man feature as four fictional individuals with a digital clock counting down the time they have available.   It is hoped that the adverts will also prompt those watching at home to talk with their loved ones about their organ donation wishes, the Health Minister Mark Drakeford said.
The Welsh government is hoping that a change in the law will lead to an increase in transplant rates by 25% as they aim to show why the Welsh government says the system needs to be changed to cut the number of deaths of people who are waiting for a transplant.  Wales will adopt the system that presumes consent on the 1st of December 2015
Currently, people across the UK join a voluntary scheme and carry a card if they wish to donate organs however evidence from other countries with an opt-out system indicates that the rise in organ donors is small with about 15 additional donors provided each year and approximately 45 extra organs.
There has been some opposition to the scheme but ministers have insisted it will be implemented sensitively.

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