Wednesday, June 25, 2014

UK Health Radio - Medical News Update Gracie - Ban on Tuck Shop treats

UK Health Radio - Medical News Update

Ban on Tuck Shop treats

The government are planning to ban chocolate and sweets from school tuck-shops next year because more children are becoming very overweight.

Reports show that 18.9% of Year 6 children are obese, which is not good.

I do agree that having too much junk food makes you unhealthy and overweight. However, I do not agree that tuck shops should stop selling sweet treats completely.

I believe that children should have a treat now and then as long as most of the food they eat is healthy.

Tuck shops should have plenty of healthy food and drinks to sell like fruit, cereal bars and milk.

Schools should let children know what is a reasonable and healthy amount of treats to have. The people running the tuck shops should then monitor what each child is buying.

In my school the unhealthy foods are cheaper than healthy foods. For example a chocolate mouse is 60p and the salad bowls are £1.00.

I think there should be a choice of healthy and unhealthy food but all at the same price.

Now that it is the summer I think they should sell sugar free ice creams on a Friday as a treat!

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