Saturday, September 27, 2014

Uk Health Radio Medical News Update on the Hour - Gracie on Obesity

Uk Health Radio Medical News Update on the Hour


Obesity is another word for being overweight. It is a common problem and 1 in 5 children aged 10-11 in the UK are obese.

Obesity can lead to illnesses which can kill you such as:
2 diabetes
Heart disease
Breast cancer
Bowel and other cancer and

It can also stop you from doing weight restricted activities and it can make you self conscious about yourself and your body.

Obesity is caused by eating unhealthy or high calorie foods but not burning off the energy they provide, with exercise. The left over energy is stored by the body as fat.

Obesity is getting more common as people are spending their time sitting in cars or watching TV. Also unhealthy food is cheaper and more yummy than healthy food.

The best way to get rid of body fat is to eat a balanced diet, less high calorie foods and to exercise regularly.

For help with this you could:
Join a losing weight group,
Do fast walking and exercise every week,
Eat slowly and
Try to avoid situations when you feel like you want to eat a lot.

It won’t feel much if you lose only half a stone but even this will  reduce the risk of getting a life threatening illness. It takes time to loose weight so in stead of trying a fad diet it is always best to take it steady for reuslts that can be maintained.

Gracie Timms
Uk Health Radio Medical News Update on the Hour
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