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UK Health Radio Medical News Update -One The Hour - Gracie on Dyslexia

UK Health Radio Medical News Update on the Hour


Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that effects the way people read, write and spell. About 1 in 10 people have it in the UK. My auntie has dyslexia and she had to go to college to relearn maths and English at the age of 27. She also had a private tutor and she now has improved in her writing and reading skills. Some people have different symptoms than others and will also have different strengths and weaknesses. If you have Dyslexia don't worry because your not alone. Even famous successful people have experienced it including: Robbie Williams, Tom Cruise, Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Winston Churchill.

Symptoms of dyslexia in children aged 5-12 include: 
  • Slow writing
  • messy handwriting
  • reading slowly 
  • struggling to learn the alphabet.  

Identifying dyslexia in younger children can be difficult for parents because the signs are not always obvious. There are Ideas about the causes of dyslexia, but it is normally passed on through families. There are educational inventions and websites that can help children with dyslexia to learn how to read and write. 

Older children with dyslexia use computers and exercise books because they feel more comfortable working with them. Many of the techniques that are used to help children are also used for adults. 

Gracie Timms

UK Health Radio Medical News Update

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